How does the IDX work?😊

By consolidating area-wide listing data into a comprehensive, real-time data feed, IDX provides all real estate stakeholders with advantages that maximize the speed, accessibility, and robustness of an online platform.

  • For sellers: IDX allows property sellers’ listings to gain exposure on multiple websites, significantly expanding their opportunities to find serious buyers from several markets.
  • For buyers: IDX makes searching for property faster and convenient by placing relevant listings from any given area – regardless of the listing agent – in one place. Homebuyers also benefit from robust features such as the ability to save searches, mark their favorite properties, and share listings on their social media networks.
  • For real estate professionals: By connecting to an area-wide listing database, IDX turns real estate websites into reliable one-stop hubs where users – whether intending to buy or sell property – can find the resources they need. By offering an excellent customer experience on their websites, agents and brokers can build their brand as industry experts and trustworthy authorities for local area information. With carefully crafted tools and features, the user traffic that these IDX-driven resources generate can be turned into strong leads and full-fledged clients.

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