When I get leads, what is the “process” ? 😊

When a lead clicks on your digital ad "postcard" and they input their name and phone number, it will trigger a set of events: 1) We will verify the number and email to confirm the validity of the information. 2) within 90 seconds, we will send an initial email (from you) and a text to start the conversation, along with a personal voicemail from us (as your assistant) directing the client to call you directly on your phone for further questions. 3) We then notify you via text/email and optionally put into your CRM.

Stage 2 (Nurturing)

We then start nurturing those leads. We call the leads various times over the next 3-4 weeks to get all the information as far as what they are looking for. Price point, area, and how soon they are looking to move are among the information we aim to obtain. Once I get this information, we will text it to you in real time and then add it onto your lead sheet. We will also simultaneously nurture via email and send out a buyer's guide on your behalf and a few questions to help engage that lead.

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