What will your message say to me when it is time for me to get in touch with a lead? 😊

(What is the process when you get a lead on the phone after they submitted information)

When I connect with a client, I will immediately notify you while I am on the phone with a client by text real-time.

My text will be something like this: "Hi _____. I am on the phone with Client A and here are my notes: 'John Buyer wants a 3-bedroom home that is closer to Downtown as that is where he works. He is looking for a home that is in the $550k - $750k range, preferably with a backyard. He moved to the city about 3 weeks ago on a job transfer and is looking to buy a home in the next 60 days if possible."

I will also update this in the lead sheet so you can see the notes on the last column.

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