How do you perform email verification? 😊

We perform several checks and verifications to determine whether an email address is deliverable or undeliverable. To find out if an email is valid, we do a DNS verification and MX lookup, conduct an SMTP check, access our internal database, and use proprietary algorithms.

When we verify email lists, we ask certain questions like:

Does the email address:

  • contain the necessary elements to be an email address, like an @ and correct punctuation for hostname?
  • have a valid hostname (
  • have a verifiable DNS and valid email server?
  • contain a valid local part (ie.
  • contain less than 254 characters?
  • have a mailbox that can be reached?
  • belong to a server that accepts all email?
  • have a history of engaging with emails?
  • have a history of bouncing?
  • have a history of opting out?

We then perform additional deliverability and compliance checks.

All of the information we receive in the Address-by-Address analysis is what determines whether an address is deliverable or not. This is how we return to you Email Assurance Grades of 'A+', 'A', 'B', 'D' or 'F'.

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