What type of response / conversion should I expect from the leads? 😊

Although we have had several cases of clients with great opportunities from the very first beach of leads, typically 8-15% will be hot leads (1 out of 10). The next 30% (3 of 10) will connect after a few drips and calls and the final 50% (5 of 10) will be prospects to be nurtured on a 90-day email/text/newsletter. Our goal isn't to close all the leads but to reasonably close 1 or 2 homeowners out of the 90-day lot. We highly suggest sending a few drip emails that will allow you to get through to more of the interested buyers. We can also do a drip campaign for you where we will send an email/text/voicemail twice per week. The average buyer is contacted 3-4 times before setting the initial appointment. We also suggest trying the buyer at different times of the day.


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