Some lead phone numbers are (bad) not accurate 😊

The internet world is full of forms to fill out and it's becoming more frequent to operate mostly online. Although prospects are 100% comfortable with giving out an email, they are not always comfortable with giving out a private cell phone. So yes, studies show that up to 20% - 25% on all form inquiries, a prospect will enter a "neighbor number" so they don't get called or spammed by several companies. A neighbor number is defined as the exact same cell phone with one number switched at the end so you get a neighbor phone. Once we contact the lead and find out this is the case, we modify the number to the correct one. Also remember that each lead used their Facebook or online profile to request info. We do a reverse search of all those leads at end of the month, and using a compilation of 7 databases, we get updated contact information and call again.

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