What are next steps now that my ad is starting? How do I monitor? 😊

So now that we have everything in place to start the ads, when the first lead comes in, we will send you a special encrypted one-page lead tracking sheet link with the information of the lead that filled out a request on your site/landing page.  Clicking this link will allow you to see the name, email, and phone number. We also grade and score the lead's email and also check to see if it is a cell or landline. We then send a text, email, and voicemail to the lead within 90 seconds to start a conversation

Now, this information is received in real-time to you and your assistant simultaneously. To save you time, we call the lead the following day and up to 4 more times to see if we can get any more details on what they are looking for.  Our goal is to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

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