Why are most real estate agent bios written in the 3rd person? 😊

Most Real Estate Agent bios are probably written in the 3rd person because it seems less self-centered. A narrative written about you sounds somehow “softer” than a page filled with “I,” “I,” and more “I.” The truth is, even on an “about me” page which is supposed to be about the agent, saying “I do this” and “I believe that” comes across as self absorbed. It does not matter that every time you say “I” you’re relating ways that you help your clients. A reader scanning down a page and seeing paragraph after paragraph beginning with “I” feels somehow put off. Of course, the same thing can happen with a 3rd person narrative. If you begin each paragraph with the agent’s name, it’s a bit “too much.” So the trick is to turn the paragraphs upside down.Instead of saying “Sally believes in spending as much time as necessary to educate her clients, so that they make good decisions,” you might say “Good decisions come as the result of good information, so Sally takes as much time as necessary to educate her clients.” You could, of course, use the same method to “Hide the I’s” by moving them away from the focal point at the beginning of each paragraph.

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