Follow-up process with inquiries

Each inquiry that comes through your site has to go through a few steps:1) they have to click on your ad with your photo 2) they have to complete 5 question questionnaire as each of these leads is proactively seeking a solution to buy or sell a home. The most important part that separates a successful campaign is the follow-up. This is why we are aggressively following up and nurturing the leads. Each one of the leads WILL buy a home in the next 3-12 months and our goal is that they buy it with you. We will keep following up and retargeting the leads - some give only a working email and some leave a phone number and email but the power in our program is the nurturing. The next stage of the nurturing is when we do a verbal questionnaire. We ask them questions about where they want to buy, are they preapproved, what is their budget, etc. We immediately relay this information to you so you can follow up with the client in a timely manner.

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